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Recto Verso: April 2024

This anthology was written, edited, and proofread by 3rd year BA Creative Writing students at the University of Lincoln. This project was part of their dedicated work for the level 6 Writing Centre module. Recto Verso serves as the culmination of their university experience, where they have come together to celebrate their individual voices and achievements. This diverse collection brings together intriguing prose pieces, candid non-fiction, heartfelt poetry and meaningful scripts, all fuelled by the students' personal interests, experiences, and over-active imaginations.


In creating something that reflects their time at the University of Lincoln, the students have worked with dedication and imagination to review older pieces of work and rewrite and edit them in readiness for publication. They brought together skills gained across their course and expanded their writing and editing practice by acquiring new ones aiming to achieve a professional standard. The title Recto Verso is a subtle nod to the beginning and end of this journey as undergraduate students of Creative Writing. 


‘Knowing that we are the ones who wrote, edited, proofread, and designed this anthology from the ground up is a feat in itself, and to see it in its completed form is incredibly rewarding.’


––from the Introduction of Recto Verso, April 2024.



(the anthology is free to download below)



IMG_1283 (1).png



This anthology was launched on Thursday, 11 April 2024, at the Lincoln Arts Centre, with a reading of selected pieces organised and performed by the students themselves.




Liz Burman

Charlie Collins

Brooke Cullen

Philip Dixon-Smith

Charley Freeman

Ruth Gretton

Urte Grinkaite

James Hay-Barr

Bella Higgins

Eleanor Jackson

Jack Jackson

Megan Kennedy

Chloe Mantle

Ben Marsh 

Holly Pamment

Imogen Elizabeth Parish

Shivani Parsot Patel

Aaron Pavia

Liberty Price

Danny Stanton

Alex Urquhart

Courtney Walker

Amy Webster

Robyn Wilson

Sarah Wilson



Amy Webster

Courtney Walker

Aaron Pavia 


Cover Design

Sarah Wilson 



Amy Lilwall  

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