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The Bigger Person Lindsay Young
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The Bigger Person



My Rage is My keeper

A big body Protector always bigger than I be

Always stay ready          To fight                To kill

To bury                            To run


My Rage be so sure

Because my Rage be fair

Don’t start shit, just finish

Mouth a straight line

I sometimes mistake for blade

Instead of silent

Instead of steady

My Rage be so steady

It stand completely still inside of me

I sometimes mistake it for myself

I sometimes let it be


My Rage stops time sometimes

Take us back to bad memory

Sit us down there

Make us watch it close

Too too close until my whole body hot

Until my everything shake 

Like if I don’t get my hands around a throat

This memory might choke me out first


My Rage be a liar sometimes


Grow so big

It block my view

Of soft               Of wrong         


Of sad

Of sad

Of sad


My Rage be so sad sometimes

Think I can’t see it weeping

Think I don't know Sad is the only thing

It afraid of

So afraid it turn to stone

To wall between me and where sad sit

My Rage always trying to protect me from it


My Rage be my big soft body protector

Speaks in wreckage only the two of us

Have the tongue to


My Rage let me cry into it

My Rage takes tears and floods the wicked

My Rage rests on my back and I attack 

Anything that tell it stand up straight


My Rage see me 

I see it

Nobody else need be invited

When we have each other

When we know nobody have each other like we do


My rage be big body and stone cold

Won’t always talk to me but always at my rescue


My Rage be half of me

I be half of it

You can Only ever see one of us 

At a time

Lindsay Young is a poet from New York who currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. She competed at the 2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam and represented the city of New York as a member of The Nuyorican Poets Cafe's 2018 National Poetry Slam team. Lindsay was crowned a 2018 NUPIC (National Underground Poetry Individual Competition) Co-Champion. She was a member of the 2019 Brooklyn Slam team and is the author of Salt to Taste, her debut book of poetry, which was published in the Summer of 2019. She is a Winter Tangerine alumnus, a 2020 Watering Hole fellow, and her work has been published in The Mark Literary Review, The Offing Magazine, and elsewhere. She currently works as a freelance poet and workshop facilitator, and is getting her MSW from Columbia University.

ISSN 2632-4423


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