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mulholland drive


the mouth of the road opens

gaping & ugly

she swallows everything 

in a black limousine

whacked out on night blown back

she plots my decline 

the woman with blue hair & blank eyes

the chair leaning into another world

the road begins to fragment

haunted by unfulfilled desire 

naked over glass 

a teardrop glitters on my cheek

i could expose you with the softest blow

the sound muffled by blue music

words missing from my mind

whacked out on night blown back

what is the meaning of silence?

what is the antonym of regret?

i hold the door open for you

the weight on the chair / tipping into paradise 




Charlie Baylis is from Nottingham, England. He is the Editor of Anthropocene and the Chief Editorial Advisor to Broken Sleep Books. His poetry has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize and once for the Forward Prize. He has also been shortlisted for a Saboteur Award for Best Reviewer of Literature. His most recent publication is Santa Lucía (Invisible Hand Press). He spends his spare time completely adrift of reality.

ISSN 2632-4423


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